Oral Health

The world’s leading oral health research institution sought to expand its community outreach arm in Massachusetts to provide school-based dental services to communities in need. The partners in our firm identified key policymakers and coordinated a strategic plan to build a solid coalition of legislative advocates for the program. The resulting annual budget language marked the program’s first appropriated funding in five years and, in addition to expanding the scope of the program, authorized the institution to measure the program’s impact on overall student performance.

Technology Procurement

Our team represented a leading technology company that developed an innovative platform to dramatically improve asset performance by providing real time data. The technology has applications in a range of areas including oil field services, pipeline integrity management, critical site security, border protection and transportation industries. Our partners identified numerous stakeholders within Congress and the Administration to increase the visibility of the company’s capabilities. Outreach on behalf of the company included briefings with key Congressional and Federal Agency decision-makers, leveraging these high-level relationships into policy results and new business development opportunities.

Non-Profit Representation

The partners in our firm worked with an international educational non-profit who had major concerns over immigration legislation moving through the US Senate. Our team worked with the organization to educate key Members of the US Senate and staff that the legislation as proposed would have eliminated educational and cultural exchange programs operated by the US State Department for over 50+ years. Working closing with the organization, our team was able to find common ground and strike compromise language supported by a group of bipartisan Senators. 

Recreational Camps

A large trade organization for recreational camps for children faced a sweeping state legislative initiative that would be extremely costly and cumbersome for its membership. Our team worked with the organization to educate its members on the initiative and crafted sensible alternative language that not only made the initiative more economically tenable to the organization’s membership but also greatly enhanced camper safety. When passed by the Massachusetts Legislature, this new language positioned the organization as a leader on child safety as well as a reliable private sector partner.

* Representative studies include services performed by TSG partners while working with prior firms.

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